Pilipino Cultural Celebration XXIX: Henerasyon
Henerasyon, or "Generations" in Tagalog, is Bayanihan at UC Santa Cruz's 29th annual production of the Pilipino Cultural Celebration! Join Whitney, Jasper, and Skylar Rizal as they explore the lives of their parents and grandparents to learn about what it means to be Pilipino.

Community Feedback

 PCC XXIX is the first-ever digital PCC Bayanihan has created. Because we have never experienced this before, we would like to collect feedback about what you, the viewer, enjoyed about it and what changes you believe could have made your experience better. Please take a few minutes to fill out this form!

Use your cursor to click on the yellow links to navigate the menus and pages. Scrolling is available to read longer pages.

*This game was developed for desktop. We recommend playing in fullscreen (click the icon in the bottom right; Escape key to exit) with volume on for the best experience.

Developed by the Interactive PCC XXIX Crew

PCC Co-Chairs 2019-2020

Mikki Lim, Louisa Ou, Deanne Presas

PCC Interns 2019-2020

Luna Antazo, Jonathan Codina, Kora Fortun


Gabriel Andre Santiago

Website Formatting

Kora Fortun (Lead), Laura Gavia, Mikayla Kai Linis, Michael Sim, Gamliel Urlanda

Background Design

Anfernee Lai (Lead), Sierra Caoili, Chantel Gee, Kaitlyn Liao, Markus Portacio, Ryan Ventigan, Joshua Decena

Aspect Content

Jonathan Codina (Lead), Jayson Rick Abique, Katy Art, Joshua Decena, Mikayla Kai Linis, Andre Santiago


Luna Antazo (Lead), Kristen Baniaga, Anael Banta, Veenna San Felipe, Samantha Sebandal, Arrianna Tadiosa, Gabriel Andre Santiago, Jayson Abique, Jonathan Codina, Puja Vasan

Game developed in Twine 2 using SugarCube 2.31.1
Originally published on June 20, 2020